"Alaska makes everything ordinary impossible to bear."


"The stories are gripping in the way the best adventure writing is, with enough danger and discovery to keep the reader turning pages way past bedtime. ... Indeed, the real protagonist is Alaska itself, which 'makes everything ordinary impossible to bear.' Thanks to C.B. Bernard's assured storytelling and vibrant prose style, we understand that sentiment very well." —Peter Geye, Minneapolis Star Tribune


About the author

C.B. Bernard lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. His fiction, nonfiction, and essays have appeared in a wide range of publications, and he’s currently at work on a novel.

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About the book

Finalist for a 2014 Oregon Book Award
Publishers Weekly Top 10 Pick | National Geographic Top 10 Pick Amazon.com Bestseller Bask Magazine Top Pick

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“The author is an excellent writer… His sense of humor and clever words keep us fascinated, not to mention
laughing. Overall, the purchase of two copies is recommended. You will likely wear out the first one."
Reviewer Dee Longenbaugh

"Bernard’s stories are so vivid you can feel the bear breathing down your neck. He crafts his sentences
to be so lean he is like the hunter who never wastes a part of the deer he kills. In his work you will find
not only a great story, but a great writer with a generous heart."

Poet and Novelist Kate Gray ("Carry the Sky")